Aerial Camera Platform


We are a licensed FAA Part 107 sUAS operator.

Custom-built to dramatically enhance the production value of any project, our helicopter camera platforms are rugged, quick to deploy, and cost-effective. We’ve been building, and operating RC camera helicopters since 2009.


I typically deploy on-location with two complete helicopter platforms one primary and a backup chosen from one of my 8 different copters. Either can be customized to the specific job. Both systems, their parts and power systems, pack into two Pelican cases (1650 and 1510) and can be easily transported to all ends of the earth.



Setup time is approximately 20 minutes from case to flight. There are other aerial platforms – but none as field-rugged, portable, and stable as this.



  • 8-14 Minute Flight Time. New ultra lifting RED specific helicopter now at 25+ minutes
  • Electric power systems. Comparatively quiet and exhaust free
  • Can carry most HD Camcorders and HDSLR cameras. Including my own RED Scarlet and Phantom Miro
  • Brushless gimbals
  • Dual video downlink. Flight and Camera
  • Foldable for protected case transport – Both cases meet airline guidelines
  • Durable and easily field repairable aluminum frame
  • Custom – Completely hand built and unique for video production and media creation
  • Flights are conducted line of sight only and with pilot in control at all times.