Cable Cam

Out of necessity, we have developed a custom cable-cam system that is specially suited for field-use. Setup is quick thanks to battery-powered winches. In typically 45 minutes or less, the cable cam is completely ready to roll. It’s fast – with a small camera and a long line, it can hit 90 mph. It even has a two-stage braking system to bring it back down to a crawl. Here are a few bullet points:

  • Custom made carriage, milled aluminum, brush-less motors and v-brakes.
  • Packs into Storm im2950 – Not over sized on most airlines.
  • Battery winches to cable installation. Typically up and running in less than 45 minutes
  • Top speed (with a small camera, and long cable run) 91 mph. Typical speeds for most shots are 30-60mph
  • Cable lengths of 100-600ft and 1,100 ft
  • Synthetic rope for cable. Lightweight, floats, does not stretch.
  • 3 Axis (Pan, Tilt, Roll) stabilized camera gimbal
  • Carries up to RED Scarlet/Epic with small lens.