Full Size Aerials

I started off with RC Aerials. The shots an RC or Cable platform can accomplish can be truly amazing. But they don’t really overlap much with the type of shots you can accomplish with a full-size platform
Over the last few years I have spent more than 35 hours in various helicopter platforms, mostly shooting handheld with RED. I believe it is a misconception that in order to accomplish beautiful aerials you need an expensive, and sometimes difficult to acquire, gimbal mount such as a Wescam or Cineflex. Those tools are amazing, and certainly do a wonderful job – especially on long lens work, but there is a place in this arena for handheld, feet-in-the-wind aerial shooting.
No full-size aerial shot in my demo reel utilizes a gimbal. At approx. $450/hour for a Robinson R44, or something similar, high-end aerial footage is no longer limited to productions with a $20k/day budget. I have connections with helicopter operators across the country and experience to safely and consistently acquire great aerial shots – full size or RC.